Chrome Extensions

These are my favorite chrome extensions

Updated 2018-04-27

Eno℠ from Capital One®

This is a great extension if you have a Capital One credit card. It lets you generate a new number for each online store. It’s perfect for subscriptions and small eCommerce sites that might not have the greatest security practices.

Chrome Earth View

This shows you a cool google earth satellite image whenever you open a new tab. There are a number of useful new tab extensions that are productivity based. This one will probably have a negative impact on your productivity because you will just want to click through to explore google earth.


Great extension for showing full size images without opening a new page. Open source

Pinboard Search

This is useful only if you use the pinboard bookmarking service. It lets you search your bookmarks from a new tab.

Ratings Preview for YouTube

This will show you the ratings ratio on a youtube video before you click. Saves you from click-bate and unhelpful youtube videos.

Smile Always

Always redirects to whenever you are on

uBlock Origin

Most effective/efficient/simple ad blocker. Open source

Wayback Machine

Detects error codes in websites and redirects to You can also click the extension to add it to